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Posted by Rt. W.B. JEROME K. PASCOE on 20/08/2018   Email

Dear Brother Gilchrist, I am a long-time collector of vesta cases, which were the pocket match boxes carried about 100-150 years ago, to prevent matches from igniting in one's pocket. As I am also a Mason, I've had special delight in finding, identifying and collecting vesta cases with a Masonic motif! One of my vestas, heavily engraved with Masonic symbols, is also engraved with the name of G. A. SMITH, whom I've identified as being a member of your lodge about 115-120 years ago, If you would like a set of photos of this vesta case for your lodge's archives, please confirm to me the name & postal address I should mail them to. I can advise you that the vesta case (match safe) is made of nickel-plated brass, and was made in Scotland in about 1897-1905. One of my vestas, heavily engraved with Masonic symbols, is also engraved with the name of G. A. SMITH, whom I've identified as being a member of your lodge, likely in the early 1900s. If you would like a set of phot

Posted by William Clark on 04/03/2017   Email

Can you please pass on the secrateries e mail address,I would like to donate my fathers Masters Appron to to the Lodge and my Mother Lodge,can you please contact me,if the Lodge would except the Appron.

Posted by Zeke Lever on 22/03/2016   Email

Hey Gary this is Zeke Lever we met about 7-8 years ago in your lodge. with Robie! Damn i now see you the Master!!! Good job brother. just want to say abig hello and i miss you all brothers. do you have Robie's phone number or email? 2 balls and a cain

Posted by John Roy on 16/12/2014   Email

I do recall my father mentioning Lodge St Vincent Sandyford No 553 but I cannot really see why he would have joined your lodge, do you have some special function that you know of? We did not live near there. The only connection that might make sense is that my young brother had spinal meningitis and was hospitalized at Yorkhill Children's hospital between the ages of 3 and 6 years old. It is therefore quite possible that the Yorkhill Lodge gave charitable support to the local hospital, or direct fraternal support to my dad at that time. All this is speculation though.

Posted by John Roy on 16/12/2014   Email

I think my dad Robert Roy, born in Pollockshaws in 1910, was a member of your lodge as I recall going to a Christmas Party in the lodge near Yorkhill that is now a Mosque. I am seeking to become a Mason myself (Lodge 2033 London) and have been encouraged to find out more about my dad as a mason. My Uncle James Roy became a master of his Lodge in Stockport and my Aunts were in Eastern Star. Any information about any of them would be most welcome. Thanks. Happy Christmas

Posted by Panayis Lagoussis on 16/12/2014   Email

Dear R.W.Master and Brethren All, 553 is my Mother Lodge, initiated back in 1975, if I am correct. Have lost contact with you since then and I will appreciate if we can re-new our friendship. Since then I have been Installed as R.W.Master of the Mackinnon Lodge No. 1531 in Mombasa Kenya of SC and become an Hon. Grand Standard Bearer of GLS. Looking forward to hearing from you again. Fraternal Greeting to All, Panayis Lagoussis

Posted by james currie on 18/08/2014   Email

dear brother, I have not attended the lodge for a long time, but now wish to start attending again. I wonder if you could give me an idea of how much back dues I would have to pay. I was initiated by my uncle Arthur Hardie, who was the RWM at the time. All the meeting I attended were in Haugh Road.

Posted by Neil Harper PM 347 on 30/04/2014

Good morning RWM Gary. It is my intention to visit tomorrow night with a couple of brethren from 347 along with Willie Dallas. I don't know if it's still your intention to carry out what we spoke about the last time I visited? I have no contact number for you on your secretary.

Posted by PM Alan Rae on 27/03/2014

I would like to take this opportunity to convey my fraternal greetings to all at 553, and to thank The RWM, Brother Gary and the other brethren for their attendance at my late mother Isabel's funeral on Friday 21 April., and for the expression of condolences to myself and my family, they were very greatly appreciated. Best wishes, Alan

Posted by Donnie Barclay on 09/01/2014   Email

I am glad to see you have brought back your childrens xmas parties. My brother and myself had so many happy memories of parties at 8 Haugh Road in the 1950s, my late father Jimmy Barclay who was a fire officer on the fire boat at Yorkhill quay was Initiated into the lodge on the 22nd May 1946.I used to wonder why my father had so many brothers but we couldn't wait for xmas to come round each year as we also got 10 bob each to go to the Kelvin Hall ( younger brothers will have to ask the more mature members what happened there).I still have a lot of my fathers paperwork including The signed installation of office bearers of Master Elect Bro.Robert J. Keefe 1949. Just a thought before I sign off The cost of my fathers Initiation was £10. 15 shillings, a lot of money in 1946! Fraternal Greetings Donnie Barclay Nairn St Ninian 575

Posted by william peter lawrence on 20/10/2013   Email

hello from pearland texas.i was a member of 553 before I emigrated in September 1967.i don't know if any current members remember me.my sponsor was colin young and jimmy young,jimmy passed away in Glasgow early 90,s and colin who emigrated to canada died july 23 2008 in Toronto.i have a lot of fond memories.we were located in overnewton at that time.i never found a lodge that I wanted to be affiliated to as they were very casual in there dress and when a cop showed up,he would have his firearm on.it just was not the same....take care..peter

Posted by PM Peter W Christensen on 02/09/2013   Email

It is with a heavy heart brethren that i have to inform you that over the summer recess an opportunity to work in edinburgh has come up and i have accepted the position, so brethren I might not be able to attend all my meetings but i will not be a stranger! But on a personal note I would like to thank all the the brethren who had faith in me, from a EA to the best office in the lodge RWM, And it ment alot to me personally the support the brethren gave to my chosen charities and the magnificent amount of money raised through walks and fantastic adventures (with a few sherries thrown in) see you all soon. PM Peter W Christensen

Posted by Gordon McPhee on 13/04/2013

Congratulations to the Right Worshipful Master and his degree team on the outstanding work carried out last Thursday 11th April at Lodge Galen 1285. The Brethern of the Lodge were delighted to be in the company of their very good friends from St Vincent Sandyford agian and to witness such an excellent degree. Well done Bro. Gary, keep up the good work. Kind Regards Bro. Gordon McPhee PM 1285

Posted by Peter Christensen on 31/01/2013   Email

I would like to thank the Brethren of St Vincent for their support to my family and me at the passing of my Mother, And it was great to see so many at my mums funeral on Wednesday the 30th of January, My Father and Sister were moved by your support and they send a heartfelt thank you to you all. Kind Regards PM Bro Peter Christensen.

Posted by IPM on 05/11/2012   Email

Well done to St Vincent and Lodge Galen 1285 for a combined degree team for an outstanding working of the 2nd degree at Lodge Western 1346 on Friday 1st November, Everybody was magnificent!! And my i add a great big thank you to IPM Gordon McPhee of Lodge Galen 1285 for acting as Jnr Deacon and a fantastic rendition of the tools and to Bro David Quinn of Lodge Galen 1285 PM of Lodge Blythswood 817 with his help with the prayer and a tremendous signs and knocks. Everyone was brilliant and it made my job of conferring master an absolute pleasure. Cheers IPM P W Christensen

Posted by IPM on 31/10/2012   Email

congratulations to the St Vincent quiz team for going one better than runners up from last years provincial quiz night, yes we did it we came 3rd!!! well done to all the team members, Andy(capt)Greg,Neil,Sam,and yours truly, the competition was fiercely fought, with the deserved winners lodge Caledonia railway with some fantastic scoring, Mosspark runners up, St Vincent and lodge Neptune were tied for 3rd place and a tie breaker question was put to both lodges and St Vincent came out on top! And many thanks to Robin and Gary for organising a great night. IPM Peter w Christensen

Posted by Tom Johnston on 31/10/2012   Email

I look forward to seeing you all agin on Thursday 01/11/12 after my long absence. Thankfully my change of department in work has secured my Thursdays now being free again :D Can any brethren update me on the goings on?

Posted by Greg on 13/10/2012   Email

A good job by everyone, I agree it was good to be speachless, almost!!!

Posted by IPM on 13/10/2012   Email

Congratulations to the St Vincent Sandyford 2nd degree team who carried out the fellow craft degree at St David Mauchline 133, even though it was a 2nd degree it was full of firsts, first time Sam did the prayer, Andy Snr Decon in 2nd and first time apron, Gary doing the reading and Snr Warden, Richard with his work at the alter, RWM Billy with the tracing board, me getting the oblagation right, Robin having one shandy before we start, and Greg being speachless, only joking for the last one. well done to everyone. IPM P W Christensen

Posted by Christopher Burt on 14/08/2012   Email

With regards to your post of March 17th 2012 of the passing of John Connolly. John was my wifes cousin and one of my best friends. When I came up to Glasgow I relied on his expertise in negotiating Glasgows varied nightlife, not easy for an 18 year old English lad. Tales of the night bus to Easterhouse, rough pubs in the Calton and one or two strange clubs in the town must remain untold due to decency laws. Thanks for your kind words and the help shown to Suzanne. I'd love to meet up one day as I'm a fairly regular visitor to Glasgow. Fraternal greetings , Christopher Burt MM, St Peter and St Pauls Lodge No. 1410, Province of Buckinghamshire.

Posted by William Anderson on 01/08/2012   Email

I am researching my family with particular reference to my grandfather William Anderson who I believe joined the lodge in 1908 I would be interested to find out if your records go back that far Best regards William Anderson ( Bill )

Posted by Billy on 17/04/2012

I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate my wife Ellen who organised a charity Zumbathon on Sunday the 15th April, where, with the help of Elaine and Heather, a fantastic sum of £1,200 was raised for local charities. Well done!!! I believe that next years event is already at the planning stage.

Posted by IPM on 17/03/2012   Email

I have sad and doleful tidings Brethren, Past Master Bro John Connelly of Lodge Galen Glasgow has passed to the great lodge above. Bro John was a very good friend of St Vincent, one of Freemasonry greatest characters one of greatest Gentleman you will ever meet and one of the greatest story tellers. Our thoughts and condolences go out to his family and friends at this time. John had been seriously ill for the past two to three years with the odd bout of remission, with the doctors originally telling him he had only two months to live typical John stuck it to it for two years before he passed away on Sunday 11th March 2012 he will be sadly missed. And just to add a personal note, I can see John in his own inevitable Glasgow style at the pearly gates asking Peter were the best fishing was and telling King Solomon he needs a new roof to the holy temple. IPM P.W Christensen

Posted by Greg on 07/02/2012   Email

Bill, I have forwarded this to Robin.

Posted by Bill Mutter P.M. Prince's No.607 on 07/02/2012   Email

Robin Sheilds, Robin I would be obliged if you would link our new website to that of Provincial. We are up and running at lodgetheprinces.btck.co.uk. We look forward to sharing our long illustrious history, and hopefully as long future, with our fellow brethren at home and abroad. Kind regards.

Posted by Greg on 24/01/2012   Email

Good to hear you're on the mend Peter, now you can use the time to study some Ritual...

Posted by IPM on 24/01/2012   Email

Many many thanks to all the brethren who sent good wishes, and a speedy recovery from my Op. Feeling allot better, Got some magic pain killers to help! Hope to see you all soon. Kind Regards IPM P W Christensen

Posted by Greg on 08/01/2012

Well done all for our Installation last night.

Posted by Michael Goszdziewski on 03/01/2012   Email

Bre. all, first I wish you all a Happy New Year. This year a have the great pleasure to attend the Installation Meeting next saturday. Arriving on Friday may be there is someone of you to go for a meal or drink or both in the evening. Greetings from Berlin to all and everyone. Michael

Posted by RWM on 14/12/2011   Email

I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone for their help and support over the past two years, It has been the greatest honor to be master of this fine old lodge and i have enjoyed every minuet of it! And we managed to raise £5100 for charity along the way and for that i am eternally grateful to you all. Their has been so many high points through my tenure i don't have enough space to get them all in. To the Master Elect Bro Billy Humphies and Wardens, Enjoy it its the greatest time of your life and to the rest of the office bearers and brethren have a Great Christmas and New Year. All the best RWM Peter W Christensen

Posted by Ellen Humphries on 04/12/2011   Email

I would like to say a BIG thankyou to all that helped with the christmas party in any way. All the children were absolutely marvellous once again. Looking forward to next year. Many thanks Ellen..x

Posted by RWM on 17/11/2011   Email

Hi guys just a wee quick up date, Congratulations to Bro Billy Humphries for becoming master elect, Bro Gary Gilchrist WSW, Bro Richard Dallas WJW, And good luck to the rest of the office bearers for the coming year. And well done to the quiz team for finishing runners up at the Provincial quiz night. And many thanks to Bro Andy Grainger, Bro George MacMillan, Bro William Dallas(347stJohns Operative)and me for raising £1200 for Parkinson's UK by walking the Great Glenn. Our next Commitee Meeting will be 24th November Cheers RWM Peter W Christensen.

Posted by Taylor on 17/08/2011   Email

I recently found a stash of papers from my great grandfathers induction to this lodge. They were in a chest he built, which was eventually passed on to me. I just wanted to post this because I find it interesting. Taylor

Posted by David McLay on 08/07/2011   Email

Fraternal Greetings from my Mother Lodge Bannockburn Bruce and Thistle No. 312. Nice web site - very informative.

Posted by RWM on 14/06/2011   Email

Hi guys just a wee update on the family fish supper dance held on Saturday 11th June, What a fantastic night, And what was even better was the amount of lodge kids their. And over the course of the evening we managed to raise a magnificent £400 for (sscb) I have a couple of thanks to make, Many thanks to Gary Gilchrist for his help in selling the tickets, And my own personal thanks to Paul Alison for being DJ and compare for the evening and without his help the night would not have been the success it was, And the lodge would like to thank all those who helped out on the night, Cheers RWM Peter W Christensen

Posted by Graham D'Arcy on 21/05/2011   Email

Hello to David, Greg and all the Brethren. Haven't visited for a while but hope to make your June Meeting and renewing old friendships and acquaintances.

Posted by Greg on 12/04/2011

aye another great time was had in Berlin. PM Bernd will be sending me some info regarding a possible trip to a Lodge in Krakow, hatch this space for more details.

Posted by RWM on 12/04/2011   Email

Just a quick up date on myself and Greg's trip to Germany to visit our friends Tofix for their 240th celebration, The ceremony was held at Tofixs lodge in the morning, and was very well attended, The Grand Master Mason of the German land lodges headed a deputation of other grand ranks, The ceremony was very dignified and in the middle we had the installation of office bearers and the RWM into the chair of King Solomon, After the ceremony had finished i had the honour to thank the RWM for inviting us along and offered him best wishes from the brethren of St Vincent Sandyford for his forth coming year. We retired to the lodge dinning room for the traditional meal of Klops(pork meat balls with caper sauce,boiled potatoes,pickled beetroot)and of coarse the honey vodka was flowing.and after the lunch we went back to the hotel were we met up with our better halves who had been site seeing in the morning and afternoon witch was organised by the lodge. Suitably refreshed we made our way t

Posted by Greg on 29/03/2011

Yay! the Golf Day on the 27th August has been fully reserved with all places taken.

Posted by serge atse sanle on 08/02/2011   Email

i will take the opportunity to thank everyone for your support and guidance through my initiation,many thanks to all my new family,my Brethren and specially Robin Shields for being my proposer and mentor. Thanks for the trust you put on me and I'm looking forward to give my best and learn..Serge

Posted by Greg on 09/01/2011   Email

Great night last night at our annual Installations, well done to PM's David & Garry & good luck to the RWM for his up & coming busy year ahead.

Posted by RWM on 23/12/2010   Email

As Master my i take this opportunity to wish all the members of St Vincent and all their family's a very very merry Christmas and a great new year. All the best RWM PW Christensen

Posted by Greg on 06/12/2010   Email

Well done all, a great day was had by everyone, although I think there was a conspiracy to stop me winning any of the games.

Posted by RWM on 05/12/2010   Email

Hi Brethren just a wee quick note to say many many thanks to all the members of St Vincent and their kids family and friends who came along to support the lodge kids Christmas party at the halls on Saturday 2nd December, What a great afternoon it turned out to be! But i must give a special thanks to Ellen Humphries and Catherine Anderson for all the hard work that went into the party to make it the success it was, And the lodge would like to give you a great big vote of thanks for all your hard work Thank You! Oh i nearly forgot i bumped into Santa at the party and he asked me so send the seasons greeting to every member of St Vincent, And as RWM i would like to add my own Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all our members, And iam looking forward to having (with your support!) another great year. RWM P.W.Christensen

Posted by RWM on 07/11/2010   Email

I would personally like to thank all the brethren who have supported me through my first year as master, And for helping me to bring the charities i nominated to fruition i can not thank thank you enough!! And i would like to thank the brethren for nominating me for another year as master of the lodge, i thank you for that honour and at this time i would like to thank the brethren for taking up their respected offices for next year. Thank You RWM.

Posted by RWM on 11/10/2010   Email

Well done to IPM Greg Small for giving the Lodge St Vincent Sandyford such a fantastic web site and he deserves every koudos that it brings! And from every St Vincent member we thank you. And many many thanks to everyone who came along to support us at our first meeting back home. Thank You, RWM

Posted by Robert Geddes on 13/09/2010   Email

Congratulations on your upgraded web site and a welcome return to Ardery Street

Posted by Greg on 30/08/2010

Welcome to our new web site! Play nice...