Formative Years


“A number of Masons resident in Sandyford, Anderston, Cranstonhill and Kelvinhaugh, find it inconvenient to attend Masonic meetings in the centre of the city and are anxious to form a new Lodge, hereafter to receive a name in the area of Sandyford, and wish the cooperation of Brother Masons to carry out that object.”


Chartered 4th May 1874

Consecrated by Dep PGM Frederick Barrow on 3rd September 1874 @ 162 Kent Road, Sandyford, in the presence of over 100 Brethren. Thereafter 15 initiates were entered. 


“St Vincent” – see website (first master and wardens lived in St Vincent Crescent)


Founding Master – Robert Macdougall MM of Lodge Neptune No. 419.

3 years 1874-77.


Only at Kent Rd for short period, less than 2 years. Second hall was leased to the Lodge by the RWM, who was the Estate Manager or Factor of the Stobcross Estate, in 1876.


First few years were a bit rocky including the first election (1875) where the RWM was elected on a 51/49 vote!


Haugh Rd


The Lodge prospered in the last two decades of the 19th century purchasing its own halls in Lymburn Street, and to such an extent that by the early years of the 20th Century it was deemed desirable to construct a purpose built Temple. A site was chosen at the junction of Kelvinhaugh Rd; and Overnewton St; a site previously occupied by the drill hall of the 2nd Lanark Rifle Volunteers.

Many fund raisers were organised, a ‘Grand Bazaar’ and football challenge between Port Glasgow Athletic and Partick Thistle.

The Memorial (foundation) stone was laid on the 4th June 1904 by RWPGM John Graham of Broadstone, practically his last duty as he died shortly after. 

The driving force behind the construction, or “project manager” was the RWM

1901- 1904 Alex Duthie and he was presented with an exact replica of the glass casket placed in the Memorial Stone containing various artefacts including a roll of clear members of the Lodge.

Less than a year later, 1st May 1905, following a Consecration Dinner in the St Enoch’s Hotel and before fully 400 Master Masons, the new halls were handed over and duly consecrated by the PGM A.A. Haggart Speirs of Elderslie.

Cost of New Halls £4341/ 9 / 10